Tangle Toys - Fidget & Focus Box

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We love a good mystery! And we think you will too!

The Tangle Mystery Box is a special selection of some of our best and brightest products! Each Mystery Box contains a surprise assortment of items from our different collections - past and present.

The Tangle Mystery Box:
5 pieces Tangle Toys (Colors Vary)
1 extra fidget as a surprise!

Tangle, collect them all!

– Tangles are a concentration tool for all ages (it helps to listen while playing with your hands)
– Tangles are a good training for stiff hands and it makes handmuscles stronger
– Tangle helps to develop coordination & locomotion- Tangle improves visual and feel tenses
– Tangles are fun to look at, fun to hold, fun to twist, turn, and manipulate.
– Tangles are appealing to all ages, to boys and girls alike, and even adults.
– Tangles offer a hands-on art experience.
– Tangles bring out creativity and artistic imagination!
– Tangles are silent and calming. They do not disturb or disrupt others.
– Tangles are safe, reusable and affordable.

- Not for children under 3 years

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